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Mosaic Marketing

Mosaic provides sales promotion content, whether it's third party discounts - 2 for 1s / Kids Go Free / Free sessions or experience prizes and desirable premiums.

Mosaic Marketing

"cheeky on-hover popup messages and Thunderbird’s style staff portraits"

This award winning website was a radical departure from the norms of web design and utilised an elevator theme showing visitors the different aspects of the Mosaic business depicted on various floor of Mosaic Tower.

Key to the success was the inclusion of multiple Blogs that can support multiple authoring, RSS feed, keyword tagging, visitor comments and automatic date based blogging.

The main site was written in Umbraco and utilises jQuery animation to simulate the smooth transition from floor to floor. Easing techniques were employed to make the sliding seem more natural and less jerky. Three blogs were created based on a common template and a full comment approvals system was created to ensure quality and consistency of blog comments.

Other technological advances include custom YouTube integration, Page flipper simulator, cheeky on-hover popup messages and Thunderbirds' style staff portraits