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Huggies Alfie's Toys Promo

Huggies is the brand name of a disposable nappy marketed by Kimberly-Clark. Alfie’s Toys is a customer loyalty program.

Huggies Alfie

"pass encrypted authenticated data to establish the tier prize level"

This promotion allowed special codes written on packs of Huggies nappies to be redeemed for prizes. Visitors logging in to the Alfie’s Toys Huggies website inserted their code and if a winner, they were directed to our micro site for prize fulfilment.

A SOAP web service was used to pass encrypted authenticated data to establish the tier prize level. Our site collected the code and showed the visitor a list of prizes according to their prize tier. Once selected it captured additional visitor data and posted back to the web service prize transaction data.

This occurred in a secured iframe using hosting styles and workflow. The visitor never knew they had left the Huggies site.

This promotion ran from summer 2012.

Prize fulfilment data was collected and made available via a Promotion Engine web app written especially for the prize fulfilment Marketing firm