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Galloway Cheese Promo

Galloway® part of Lactalis McLelland, cheese manufacturers. Family Fun Days was a promotion run on 200,000 packs of Galloway cheese.

Galloway Cheese Promo

"Instant win embedded iframe microsite"

Instant win embedded iframe microsite to take pack code pass through a series of logic tests to establish validity. Lucky winners could redeem family days out at local venues. Instantly generated money-off coupons for the unlucky. Written in .Net

This instant win site captures printed codes from cheese packs and compares with winner database to show multi-tier prizes and dynamic voucher money-off coupons. A visitor inputing a code will first be validated then compared with a winners list for a match.

Winners had multi-tier prizes and offers. Losers had a money off voucher to download. Written in .Net this promotion site has a capture page for visitor details that are encrypted and written to a secure database.

Full backend support to sales transactions, failed purchases, Product inventory and membership database.

Multiple VAT levels, delivery thresholds and solid currency support.