So you have an idea for a website, so how does it all fit together?

The process for creating a website needn’t be a long and gruelling task. Indeed we believe it should be fun and enlightening.


Setting out your website in many ways mirrors your business model, so the process to map model to site is straightforward and logical.

the process to map model to site is straightforward and logical

However as you know it’s not good enough to just have a website. Your site will sit with hundreds and thousands (maybe) of other hopefuls in a list compiled by Google & Bing (still can't get used to that name) and needs to shine head and shoulders above your competitors.

We can help order and manage your content in a logical way so that your visitors find the information they need from you quickly and easily.

The process

We start with a discussion about the site, what it needs to convey or achieve; the style & the tone of the site.  From that meeting we create some sketches of how the site will look. We typically show two formats in these sketches, a desktop version of the site and how the same site will look on a typical Smartphone.

This allows you to have direct control over shaping the site, which when the design is approved moves in to full creation and coding.

When the coding is in a shape that we can demo, we’ll give you a staging URL so that you can view progress. And once the site has been released into production we can offer on-going support and guidance to get the best from your shiny new virtual home.

As your business develops so will your site, with new features should you want them. We have been around for ten years supporting our clients with technical expertise and guidance.

If you are used to websites or a complete technophobe we can give you as much support as you need to get the site working for your business.

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