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Umbraco Sitemap in 3 mins

by Darren Street

Created on: Friday October 11, 2013


It's actually dead simple to create a fully featured and compliant XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo. You really don’t need any coding skills either. A sitemap is an absolute must to enable search engines to spider and track your content.


Step one

Download the Cultiv Search Engine Sitemap package from Umbraco. Install it and it will install a new macro and associated razor file (“CultivSearchEngineSitemap.cshtml”).

It also installs a template called “CultivSearchEngineSitemap”.


Step two

Rename the template to “Sitemap” or something more practical. As you know it is just a master page anyway.


Step three.

As this point the sitemap will work. Point your browser at your regular URL and append /sitemap.aspx (or what you called the template) and hey presto a beautiful perfectly formed sitemap is shown.

However I have found that it causes a few SEO issues if left to that, so I created Step four.


Step four

Create a new Document Type called Sitemap at root level. Assign NO tabs or properties.

On the Info tab select the sitemap template you created earlier. Save the Document Type.

Find your landing page node Document Type and click the Structure tab.

Click the new Sitemap Document Type you just created. Save the Document Type.

Next click the content tab and select your root node. Create a new Sitemap node and save it.


That’s it.

Check the sitemap loads under its name correctly .


Tim Wilder commented on 11 Oct 2013

This really helped thanks for the tut.

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