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Umbraco 7.1.3 - First production Site

by Darren Street

Created on: Monday June 2, 2014

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I have just finished my first Umbraco Version 7 production website and wanted to share my findings with the community. I have been working with Umbraco for a while now but needed a good project to stretch my version 7 MVC legs.

umbraco 7

My overriding impression is that…it’s very easy to convert from webforms to MVC and those who have put off using version 6 due to that reason should take heart.

The new interface is very nice. The Danish boys do seem to like their sliding panels. Apart from some annoying refresh bugs (with creating dictionary keys) it all works well however, getting to the right- click menu items (sort, hostnames) et al isn’t obvious but once you have figured it out its fine. The same is true for Dashboard items. Perhaps it’s just me.

The feedback from the users is very positive so another golden star to Umbraco.

A typical master page website would have used dozens of templates, now has two. Pretty much everything is handled in a partial view, which makes life so much easier in breaking down the code into relevant and manageable chunks.

Speed in good too and this time I have utilised the language features of Umbraco as the sites needed to be in Spanish, German and English. The use of dictionary keys with document type name has cut down on duplicate translation effort. Dynamic mark-up is also very straightforward and easy to debug in VS.

Anyone making the jump to MVC would benefit from installing the CWS Start package by Warren Buckley who takes you through a cracking PetaPoca contact form.

So it thumbs up from me. Umbraco is definitely heading the right direction. The fact that I can use version 7.1.3 and not worry about all the things you usually worry about with new releases. Very impressive. Thank you Umbraco.


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