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The Death of the Home Personal Computer

by Darren Street

Created on: Wednesday December 4, 2013


With sales projections of PCs expected to be down 10% this year, the terminal decline of PCs in favour of tablets seems unstoppable. This is even more felt in the home where a tablet is now the preferred device for accessing the Internet and on-line shopping.

The Death of the Home Personal Computer

Jay Chou a senior research analyst from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) states
“Perhaps the chief concern for future PC demand is a lack of reasons to replace an older system”.

Whilst the PC is not dead it’s clear that homes and businesses are now preferring to use tablets and Smartphones to access information from websites and apps over traditional PC laptops and desktops.

This is further evidence of the shift to lifestyle computing made popular by the Apple Ipad and Iphone products.

People don’t see computers as functional tools any more but desirable fashion objects.

If you need any more reasons why your website should be responsive, then this trend is bang-on message. To coin an eighties slogan: "one day all websites will be made this way".

You heard it here first.


Ray Stanley commented on 31 Dec 2013

I use a PC for my work BUT always use my ipad for web browsing email and social media.

Its so much simpler. Why use a PC?

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