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Installing MvcForum V1.5 under Umbraco 7

by Darren Street

Created on: Wednesday June 25, 2014

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It’s always a problem with early adopting a new Version of software. Little or no community supporting projects. So my latest project has mandated Umbraco 7 (because the client loves it) and we need to incorporate a forum.


So the options are:

  • Create a forum package yourself
  • Choose a Umbraco package
  • Choose another package and hope to god it can integrate

So we didn’t have enough time to create a package from scratch, there weren’t any Umbraco forum packages for Version 7 (but I guess I could convert nForum to version7 but looking at: http://our.umbraco.org/projects/website-utilities/nforum/general/46355-NForum-and-Umbraco-7 it kinda puts me off.

Which leaves choosing another package, which is what I have done. The package is MvcForum and is now running in Version 1.5 guise built with MVC 5 and EF 6.1.

Nuget or download the package and it worked out of the box with nothing to do. But how to get it running within an Umbraco site?

First setup your Umbraco instance. Create a new Visual Studio Project.


Select ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application and select Razor as the view engine. Clean up the default install by deleting the unnesary views et al and select Tool – NuGet Package Manager – Package Manager Console.

PM> Install-Package UmbracoCms

Let it run and click Y to overwrite the web.config.

Build and run Umbraco, setting up the DB as normal. Create a local binding and setup in IIS.

Once that is done create a separate project for MvcForum, nuget the MvcForum

PM> Install-Package TheMVCForum

or download the website and build it. Assign to a local domain and login to setup new forum boards, users and have a good play.

Next go to IIS and select your Umbraco site. Right Click and select Add Application


Set the path the app pool (make sure its .Net 4 integrated) and click OK.

OK run the Umbraco site and navigate to /forum…it doesn’t work. The assemblies are conflicting.

Open the Web.config of the Umbraco site and find this block:


Wrap this block with this tag  <location inheritInChildApplications="false" path="." >  to avoid inheritance. 


Do the same for:



Rebuild and run the page again and it should now render with your Umbraco URL.

Thanks for looking and good luck.


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