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Five of the Best Umbraco packages

by Darren Street

Created on: Wednesday November 20, 2013

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People who have read my blog before may have gained the view that I like Umbraco. It’s easy for the user and accessible for the developer. It’s licensed to download and use into a production site at no cost, and it supports one of the best on-line communities I have found.


So how can it be improved?

By downloading my six favourite packages it will make your life even easier. And perhaps save you a whole heap of time too.

Number  5 - Cultiv Search Engine Sitemap by Seb Janssen

For Razor and XSLT, it’s the perfect start to ensure all your pages are submitted to search engines.  It installs a template (which you should rename) and you could, if you wanted to, leave it at that. The template builds a sitemap that is 100% compliant with the sitemap XML specification. Really an essential download.


Number 4 - Config Tree by Tim Geyssens, Lee Kelleher

Simple really and perhaps an oversight from the boys in Copenhagen, this package gives you access to the config files of your website. It creates an extra tree to the developer section, called "Config Files" and lets you edit them. It even lets you edit the web.config (which is a little scary on the east carriageway of Newport Pagnell services at 2AM) so be careful. If you really cock it up, it takes a backup of the file before your makes the changes. A real lifesaver.


Number 3 - Digibiz Advanced Media Picker by Jeroen Breuer

This is a full on image manipulation tool and is truly fab. I am still learning the Razor syntax for the clever stuff,  but when I do I’ll blog about it and give you some “real world examples”. As a replacement for the upload control, DAMP is a media picker on steroids. Allows you to create media, edit on the fly, assign to media areas and loads more. The interface is really cool and it support lots of extensions and other stuff.  Mr Breuer if you are ever in Oxford (website design…err sorry bit of SEO there) I’d like to buy you a drink.  


Number 2 - Creative Web Starter

Install the package and you are done. It installs everything you need to get started in Umbraco. I have seen quite a few sites based on Warren’s work. But for many it’s a fantastic way to see how an Umbraco website is put together. The latest version has now been re-written in Razor so the queries actually make sense now. Really impressive package.


Number 1 – Ublogsy by Anthony Dang

Now updated for Umbraco 6, uBlogsy is the best blogging platform out there.  Lots of features you probably didn’t realise you needed.  It’s fast and easy to modify and best of all its logical. Also Anthony Dang is a really nice guy that wants to help out if you get stuck. If you want a blogging platform then Umbraco and uBlogsy are made for each other.


So there you have it, 5 of the best. Don’t take my word for it, download and install and see for yourself.


Thanks for reading.


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