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Downton Abbey to return to Bampton Oxfordshire for series four in April 2014

by Darren Street

Created on: Friday March 7, 2014


April filming schedule released as TVs Downton Abbey return to Bampton during April for a couple of days.

Downton Abbey Back for Series 4 Apr 2014

But whilst this news may be music to the ears of worldwide fans, it’s certainly not music to this humble oxford website designer's ears.  Indeed, I think I’ll book a holiday, as I won’t get any work done, with all that noise and people shouting “Action” all the time.

The dates aren’t confirmed but when they are, you’ll know about it.


Darren (author) commented on 7 Mar 2014

I think its a little tiny bit boring actually but my wife loves it.

I am crazy

Michigan Rita commented on 7 Mar 2014

Can you see that view from your building? Do you know what days the filming starts yet. D'Abbey is very popular here. Why don't you like it?

You are crazy.

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