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Downton Abbey next door

by Darren Street

Created on: Thursday October 24, 2013

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From the off, I know Downton Abbey the televisual programmy thing is very popular. I know this because we get lots of Downton Abbeyites milling around our Oxfordshire village taking pictures and mincing around the square saying things like “oh Francis… that’s where Isobel Crawley lives” in a booming Texan voice. Who knew Ripon and Thirsk were 13 miles from Oxford?


So the first thing about living next to Downton Abbey is the telly tourists. The next is the bloody film crew. They come twice a year and take over. Your house isn’t your own at this time, and when trying to park with a boot-full of shopping in your motor, a large burly gentlemen stops you at the top of the street and says something like

 “Can I help you?”

“Err…yes I like to visit my house please… is that alright?”

Actually, if I was being fair, the security guys are really good at trying to keep everyone happy.

to make up for all the days of disruption and misery….we get a bottle of plonk

After a few years of being able to view how they make the episodes (albeit the Downton Village scenes) it strikes me that only the director has something to do all day. All the other minions including the main cast members spend most of the day waiting for takes.

Its all very dull and disinteresting to watch. If I am in the garden with my petunias all I can here is a very loud “AND ACTION”  a few dozen times a day.

It was amusing though as we have had an extension recently fitted to our house which was included in the 2nd episode of the current series with myself and my daughter clearly waving from the upstairs window. Bit of a stage management screw-up there Sparky!

And what do “Carnival”, the people who make the series and net a ton of dosh, do to make up for all the days of disruption and misery….we get a bottle of plonk for our trouble.

I know what you are thinking…share the wealth and all that, but I can report the vino is quite palatable.

Here’s hoping that people get fed up with Downton Abbey. No chance of that.


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