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Beware Yell.com selling advertising and SEO

by Darren Street

Created on: Wednesday October 30, 2013


I had a call from yell.com last Monday. The reason I suspect is that I registered for a free listing for Refresh Websites. So he was asking me about my business and my market and noticed that we didn’t list that well when typing in a Google search for: [website design bampton].

Beware Yell.com selling advertising and SEO

I said “yes that’s right we don’t”.  

Then he mentioned that yell.com WERE THE TOP hit in Google and that if we instructed Yell we could get Refresh Websites top listing in Bampton too.

Then he went back to his script and tried to close by using words like

“isn’t that something you would be interested in?”

I said “no, not really”

“Why? Don’t you want to promote your business?”

I said “of course, but Bampton is not my primary market”

He said “what do you mean?”

I said “people don’t type in [bampton website design]…look at the keyword stats for that keyword. People also don’t type in [website design burford] or [witney web designers]”. The traffic numbers are really low so what’s the point of advertising to a tiny market?”.

“Oh” he said.

I followed by asking him to type in “website design Oxford” into Google. I mentioned “Yell is nowhere to be seen. That’s our market because people use those keywords to find a web designer in the Oxfordshire area”.

“Oh yes” he said.

“So you can’t really help me?” I said.

I think that must have done it. He backed off and thanked me for my time.

The point is, that it’s no point in being number one in Google for keywords that no-one uses but you. Your customers still won’t find you. This guy from Yell had a fundamental misunderstanding of the benefit of top Google listing.

It requires a little research using lots of free tools available on the internet to establish what keywords and phrases people (your customers) are using to find you. Once you have that, don’t be detracted by salesmen selling worthless top billings.


Lionel Stanton commented on 7 Nov 2013

I had a call just like this last year but I stupidly fell for it. Its cost me and I can't help feeling stupid.

As far as I am concerned people look at yell for a plumber or a mechanic. Local trades. A bit of a waste of time for a PHP developer.

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