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Uncommon & superficial ramblings about Umbraco, HTML, Jquery and CSS and how Downton Abbey ruins my life every year. This blog does not contain bunting, cushions or pastel colours and is a blatant SEO vehicle.


The Death of the Home Personal Computer

With sales projections of PCs expected to be down 10% this year, the terminal decline of PCs in favour of tablets seems unstoppable. This is even more felt in the home where a tablet is now the prefer… more


Nexus 5 launch on the 24th October? I don't think so.

The big news last week that Google were launching the next generation of its Nexus brand, the Nexus 5, seems to have put Android users in frenzy. This device touted as a true iPhone 5 beater, unlocked… more


Four of the best Android Internet browsers

As responsive websites are becoming ever more popular the humble internet browser is becoming the most important app on your Smartphone or tablet. I review the best of the current crop for flexibility… more


Really… One Site fits all?

It’s a technical world we live in these days. Modern smartphones can do much more than connect us to other people. They can connect us to leisure activities, shopping opportunities, monitor what the … more

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