Mindless Philosophy

These aren’t the droids...err blogs you’re looking for...

Uncommon & superficial ramblings about Umbraco, HTML, Jquery and CSS and how Downton Abbey ruins my life every year. This blog does not contain bunting, cushions or pastel colours and is a blatant SEO vehicle.


Create really simple Sliding Panels without Javascript

In this tutorial you can create a really simple absolutely positioned sliding panel for your website in minutes using only the power of CSS3 transitions. You can decide where you anchor the panel eith… more


Simple Jquery Image Swap

Yet another of those simple bits of functionality that I thought the Internet sea would be awash with. Sadly all to complex and difficult to follow. So I though I make one. Nice and easy to follow ev… more


Styling a Multiple RadioButtonList

I needed to show a list of ASP.NET Radio Buttons in a list without the associated values showing. So the first thing I did was do a Google search, but couldn't find a good solution. Anyway an hour lat… more


How does a mobile friendly website work?

Mobile friendly or responsive websites dynamically scale their text and graphics to give the visitor the best view of the website. This is in contrast to a typical website that is usually around 960 p… more


Speed up your website

We have all experienced it from time to time….waiting for the page to load. So before you blame your internet connection, being web developers we have a few tricks to help your site traverse the intra… more

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