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Uncommon & superficial ramblings about Umbraco, HTML, Jquery and CSS and how Downton Abbey ruins my life every year. This blog does not contain bunting, cushions or pastel colours and is a blatant SEO vehicle.


Installing MvcForum V1.5 under Umbraco 7

It’s always a problem with early adopting a new Version of software. Little or no community supporting projects. So my latest project has mandated Umbraco 7 (because the client loves it) and we need … more


Umbraco 7.1.3 - First production Site

I have just finished my first Umbraco Version 7 production website and wanted to share my findings with the community. I have been working with Umbraco for a while now but needed a good project to str… more


Create really simple Sliding Panels without Javascript

In this tutorial you can create a really simple absolutely positioned sliding panel for your website in minutes using only the power of CSS3 transitions. You can decide where you anchor the panel eith… more


Are free websites really free?

It seems the whole world is now a website designer. It's now so easy to create a new site with hundreds of free tools offering free websites that you can style and make look your own. You can add cus… more


Parallax Websites...cool, or just crowd pleasing steps?

The latest thing, the hot trend, the effect to have, these days seems to be a parallax website. For people who are unfamiliar with the term it effectively means that when you scroll the site, funky ef… more


Get data from uComponents Multi-URL Picker

There are a dozen search pages about the uComponents Multi-URL Picker and trying to get any data out of it. Many people have been pulling their hair out trying to get it to work. Well after much h… more


HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error...FIXED

I was in the process of moving a website from my production IIS server to my dev IIS server for some design integration testing. Both IIS servers had .net4.0 installed. When I copied my main site o… more


Accepting a self-signed certificate in Internet Explorer

I use a mail server called Smartermail which is a Microsoft Exchange looky-likey without the hassle, overhead and extortionate licensing costs but with features you actually use. The mail interface is… more


You just need the tech to run your business

Back in the day when Windows was king, us technical people could be seen creating domain controllers, configuring IP stacks and just plain farting around with DFS (not the crap furniture store but Dis… more


Simple Jquery Image Swap

Yet another of those simple bits of functionality that I thought the Internet sea would be awash with. Sadly all to complex and difficult to follow. So I though I make one. Nice and easy to follow ev… more